In October 1988, the former City of Altona (now the City of Hobsons Bay) established a sister city agreement with the City of Anjo in Japan. It was based on the strong community spirit of our two cities and grew from a connection between our high schools. The Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association was formed to ensure a successful and enduring city friendship. Established and run by local families who contribute their time, effort and enthusiasm, the support of the association has been invaluable.

Over the last 31 years we have had many exchanges, made possible through our close ties with the International Friendship Association. Our communities have gotten to know each other and deep and lasting connections have been made from our shared experiences. This relationship helps to promote cultural understanding and the opportunity to learn from one another, while celebrating our diverse and unique cultures.

Each year our friendship brings new treasures. I delighted in showing the Anjo-Hibashi teachers and parents around our council. We got to share stories and enjoy each other’s company. A highlight this year was principal Ohta-san promising to stock Japanese and English versions of the Andy Griffiths Treehouse series in their school library. We are proud of our successful local author and very happy to share his words with students in Anjo.

Hobsons Bay looks forward to continuing this special relationship long into the future.

Cr Jonathon Marsden
Mayor of Hobsons Bay

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