In October 1988, the City of Altona formalised a sister city agreement with the City of Anjo, Japan and signed a further agreement under the City of Hobsons Bay after the amalgamation of the former Cities of Altona and Williamstown.

The objective of the two cities is to develop friendship and goodwill through the sharing of information and cultures promoting a deeper understanding between Australia and Japan.


The Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association is made up of local families who donate their time, effort and enthusiasm to ensure the continued success of the Sister City Agreement between Hobsons Bay and Anjo.

The Association, with the support of Hobsons Bay City Council, actively promotes the Sister City Relationship and is responsible for the organisation of many exciting events and activities.

One of the main functions of the Association is to facilitate an annual Student Exchange Program which provides the opportunity for students in Hobsons Bay to experience at first hand, the culture and lifestyle of countries other than Australia.

The Association also conducts a Cultural Exchange Program where a piece of art is donated to Anjo from various artists within Hobsons Bay and likewise from Anjo every three years.

A Japanese citizen delegation also visits Hobsons Bay every three years where members of the Association offer homestay accommodation.

The Association has hosted more than 500 participants in its 30 year history comprising students, Chaperones and the citizen delegations.

The Association also holds a Japanese writing competition for Hobsons Bay secondary students each year with prize money awarded to the best entries.


The City of Anjo is situated near the centre of the Nishi Mikawa Plain, approximately 30 kilometres from Nagoya, the Prefectural Capital. It covers an area of approximately 86 square kilometres (38 square kilometres of rice fields) with a population of approximately 183,000 people.

Like Hobsons Bay, Anjo is an area that was originally an agricultural district and over the years has seen a large increase in industrial development. In Anjo today, there are approximately 1,500 manufacturing companies located within the city including a number of Toyota assembly plants.

Hobsons Bay International Friendship Association

Sister Cities with the City of Anjo, Japan 安城市 – Since 1988

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